YouTube's top ten trending foods of the year include some surprising desserts.

Food videos have come a long way since the days when you had to just hope whichever chef was on TV would demonstrate the recipe you wanted. The advent of YouTube has made it possible to find not just one, but hundreds of video demonstrations of chefs making any food you could possibly imagine wanting. Especially the dishes below, as YouTube has shared the Top Ten Trending Foods of 2017 with Food & Wine, for your trendspotting pleasure.

10. Coconut cake

When it comes to dessert, coconut cake is a growing YouTube favorite, and videos like this one will help you discover why.

9. Brussels sprouts

Irish duo The Happy Pear give you a recipe that will help you shatter the myth that anyone could ever dislike Brussels sprouts.

8. Crab boil

Crab Boil led the way in 2017, but as this video from Meso Making It shows, you can incorporate just about whatever seafood you want (plus: popcorn butter).

7. Green papaya salad

If you're behind on the growing internet love for green papaya salad YouTuber Seonkyoung Longest can show you how best to wield the necessary mortar and pestle.

6. Poke

If you've noticed poke restaurants popping up everywhere and wondered how to make them yourself, you're joined by the many YouTubers who've been searching for a DIY option.

5. Jerky

There's a ton of jerkies out there, but the classic will always be beef. If you want to move from store-bought to home-smoked, the man known as Pitmaster X will walk you through it.

4. Seaweed soup

You won't find Korean seaweed soup in many restaurants, according to Future Neighbor, which may be why so many people are searching YouTube for home-cookable recipes like this one.

3. Aquafaba

You read that right, the third most trending food on YouTube is aquafaba, a "bean liquid" that you can use, as this video does, to make chickpea-based chocolate chip cookies.

2. Okra

Okra is a polarizing vegetable, but if you're like the many YouTube users who learned to remove its slime, you'll probably come out on the "pro" side.

1. Fried ice cream

What else? It turns out that not only is YouTube the most comprehensive source on how to make fried ice cream, but that it's actually a bit easier than you might think.