Your Weird-Shaped Cheetos Could Win You Money

Photo: Courtesy of Cheetos

If discovering weird shapes in your toast or water spots is your thing, you’ll be all over a new Cheetos contest.

The new online Cheetos Museum is seeking people who have discovered fun shaped Cheetos in their bag. And so far, there has been upwards of 15,000 entries, including submissions ranging from a dinosaur to a dolphin.

Upload those weird shapes through August 15, and you could actually win money: There are ten weekly winners of $10,000 and the grand prize winner will take home an additional $50,000. The entrants will be judged based on cheese, crunch, cut and color (the four c’s!).

And while you are staining your fingers with orange powder as you sift through bag after bag to find a Cheeto Barack Obama, you may come across one of the 10 surprise game pieces. Discover one of these and you can wine a family vacation.

Still think that all Cheetos are the same? You aren’t using your imagination.

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