By Carey Jones
Updated November 26, 2014
© Daniel Krieger

Where: ACME, New York

What: Pancakes are good, but Johnny Cakes (pancakes cornmeal based cousin) are better; at the Nordic-inspired ACME in Manhattan, they're fresh corn crepes with lacy browned edges. But the real draw is the spread of accouterments around it: scrambled eggs, pulled pork, apple-onion chutney, seaweed mustard, white anchovies, and crispy pig ears. In case you're the type who craves pig ears for brunch. (You should—they're salty, crunchy, and porky.)

Wash it down with: ACME's slightly offbeat cocktails include a Smoky Mary made with mezcal, garnished with pickled carrots and radish, and a Michelada with Modelo Especial, Brooklyn Grange hot sauce, and bourbon barrel-aged fish sauce.