Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies
Start to finish, these cookies take only thirty-five minutes to make.

Anyone who’s ever eaten a warm cookie knows it's futile to resist having another. Now, researchers from the University of Michigan think they can explain why. In a new study, they confirmed what many health experts have long suspected—that sugary, salty, and highly processed foods are physiologically addictive. To no one’s surprise, pizza, cookies, chips, chocolate, and ice cream topped the list and are now scientifically proven to be irresistible.

The study broke ground because it not only examined the specific foods that are addictive, but also used humans as test subjects instead of animals, though unfortunately no one called us. With obesity rates climbing nationwide, the findings could significantly influence nutrition guidelines and marketing regulations.

As an interesting counterpoint, we also learned about the addictive foods. Individuals in the study easily passed on seconds of beans, carrots and brown rice. What is the least addictive? Cucumbers. Although, with enough sweetener, we definitely eat two cucumber cookies.