By Farrah Shaikh
Updated September 25, 2015
© Francesco Tonelli

Where: ABC Kitchen, NYC

What: Earthy, mixed mushrooms straight from the farmers' market, salty Parmesan, fresh oregano and ricotta all perfectly placed on hand-tossed, whole-wheat pizza dough. Top that with an egg and you have a late-night hangover cure done breakfast style. Embrace hedonism and simply slice the whole egg, allowing the runny yolk to work its way all over the rustic pizza. Relax, chow down and let that salty, bread-y, eggy goodness make you feel 1,000 times better.

Wash it down with: For a stomach that may need some healing, sip on ABC's masterfully crafted ginger margarita with Sauza Tres Generaciones Añejo Tequila , cointreau and a good solid kick of ginger.