By Noah Kaufman
Updated July 08, 2014
Credit: © iStockphoto

Hesitant to drink that fifth cup of coffee today? Soon Apple will be here to help. As part of its next big OS update (expected to roll out this fall), the company is including an app called HealthKit, which, among its other functions, will keep a running tally of your caffeine consumption. Apple first announced HealthKit—a new standard feature of devices running iOS 8—at a developer conference last month. It has been slowly teasing its features, like a step tracker that will work with the phone’s motion-tracking hardware to measure your activity each day. Early testing from 9to5Mac indicates that it actually works quite well.

Unlike the step tracker, the caffeine portion of the app will take help from you. HealthKit won’t magically transform your phone into a sentient robot that can tell if you are drinking a venti cappuccino just through its proximity to the steam released from the top of the cup. (Although, honestly, how far off can that update be?) You will have to input how much coffee, Red Bull or 1990s Jolt cola you’re drinking.

Some caffeine tracking apps do exist already, like Up Coffee by Jawbone. However, HealthKit aims to provide a more complete picture of your well-being. It will use your input not only on caffeine, but also on the litany of other information it collects in areas like sleep, heart rate and, as we noted, activity, to generate a complete profile of your overall health. With all of the data stored in one place, it will be easy to share with doctors or anyone else you want to impress with how well you’re doing at quitting coffee in the morning.