By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 12, 2015
Credit: © / Alamy

More and more people want their food handcrafted these days by an artisan who really knows what they’re doing—whether it’s crazy small batch beers or funky smelling cheeses or a simple stick of butter.

The site Munchies tracked down a British butter expert and artisan named Grant Harrington who has devoted his life to making butter taste well, “more buttery.” He first set out to make better butter after an epiphany while tasting the best butter of his life in Sweden. Now, he follows a rigorous procedure that allows him to craft some of the world’s best bread spread.

He speaks about the importance of every step, from picking the right milk (“In summer you’ll get a floral milk, whereas in winter when the cows are eating silage, it’s much more delicate,” he says) to a bit of fermentation (“You don’t want to leave it too long otherwise it stops being buttery and begins to become cheesy”) to the salt added when it’s all finished (“Most people think salt kills bacteria, but there’s loads of salts that actually promote the process”).

The end result is, according to Johanna Derry, “umami, slightly sweet, slightly salty, creamy but not cloying … by far the butteriest butter I’ve ever eaten.” It sounds so special you might even be able to fulfill your lifelong dream of eating a stick of butter on its own without getting weird looks.

You can order some of Harrington’s butter from his website, but he won’t ship it. The man’s painstaking process produces amazing fresh butter. Do you really expect him to trust FedEx with that?

[h/t Munchies]