Make sure you're sitting down for this one.

By Jillian Kramer
Updated May 19, 2017
Courtesy of The San Francisco Dungeon

Quick: What's the furry, whiskered animal you never want to see scurry across your kitchen—or favorite restaurant—floor? If you said a "rat," you are in good company. And yet, that's exactly the creature a new San Francisco café will let roam around. In fact, its owners will encourage patrons to interact with the long-tailed rodents.

According to Eater, the owners of The San Francisco Dungeon in Fisherman’s Wharf will soon welcome a pop-up café, dubbed The Black Rat Café, where for a whopping $50 a person you can dine in a basement with rodents from a rat rescue agency.

The agency, Rattie Ratz, also offers up the rodents for adoption, if that's your thing.

The San Francisco Dungeon is known for its, er, frightening food experiences, but if you attend the new pop-up, the owners want you to rest easy about one thing: none of the food served at the café is prepared on site, they told Eater. And all the edibles must be cleared out of the room before the rats can enter.

"We’re obviously following all food code and hygiene requirements," owner Matthew Clarkson told Eater.

While you're there, "guests can sip their coffee while seated at bistro-style tables, nicely draped with red and white gingham tablecloths—all while being surrounded by rats," according to the café's website. The rat experience kicks off on July 1.

Clarkson said the idea for the rat café came from the one of the dungeon's other experiences. "The bubonic plague section [of the Dungeon] got us thinking about what we could do with rats," he said. That bubonic plague section he’s talking about is an interactive experience that teaches people about the plague. Clarkson went on, "People in the Bay Area love to celebrate food, and they’re always looking for the next thing to wait in line for." We’ll see how true that ends up being.