It's the undercut to end all undercuts.
amc theatre pizza
Credit: © AMC Theatres

Some—like this reporter—would venture to say that there's really no need to make pizza into art. Because, of course, it is already art.

Ah, pizza.

But if you're truly compelled to make art in the likeness of 'za, you might as well go all-out.

And that appears to have been the thinking behind Kelly Woodford's pizza masterpiece. She's the owner of a hair salon in Winnipeg, Canada, and she recently gave someone a triangle-shaped undercut complete with pepperoni-colored circles and a reddish-brown crust and even greenish spots reminiscent of peppers.

Yes. Peppers. Even the most passionate, obsessive pizza lovers among us would have to agree: This is a whole other level of devotion.

So, who was the lucky recipient of the pizza 'do? That would be Woodford's friend and fellow stylist Jasmine Meadows-Birch. Since she so kindly allowed the pizza-shaped cut to reside on the back of her scalp, it may surprise you to learn that this whole thing wasn't actually Meadows-Birch's idea. According to HuffPost, Woodford was the one who "dreamed about the look, then asked Meadows-Birch if she could try it out."

We can assume one of two things, then: Meadows-Birch either bumped her head just before this interaction took place, or she's just a really, really, really good sport.

Anyway, the rest is history. Woodford buzzed the bottom layers of Meadows-Birch’s hair into a pizza-like triangle, then "painted" the toppings and crust using hair dye.

The whole thing has us dreaming up other foods we'd want to see on hair. (Not on our own hair, mind you. Just...other people's hair.) But it looks like Woodford's already got it covered: She recently transformed a client's hair into the infamous Unicorn Frappuccino.

Still, only one creative cut has garnered her international attention. As Woodford told the news outlet, "So far, nothing as funny as the pizza!!”