The new feature is being tested among select users.

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated May 19, 2017
Bloomberg / Contributor / Getty Images 

Facebook has introduced a brand new feature, in yet another attempt to dominate every aspect of your life: This time it’s the option to order food from your favorite restaurants.

Instead of having to interrupt your eternal scroll through your Facebook newsfeed, you’ll now be able to click on the Order Food button in the main navigation panel, pictured with a hamburger on blue background. From there, you can choose from restaurants within the Slice and networks (the giants, Grubhub-Seamless aren’t yet partnered with Facebook).

Last year, Facebook introduced a feature that would let you order food through a restaurant’s Facebook “page,” but in this new variation, all you have to do it click the Order Food button to find restaurants that deliver; the entire process, including checkout, takes place over Facebook.

The restaurants are sorted by type of cuisine, price range, and ratings, similar to other food delivery apps. Once you’ve picked out what you want to eat, you hit then “Start Order” to get your food.

The app is supposed to be add an extra level of convenience to your life, but it remains to be seen if people will embrace it: Grubhub remains America’s favorite delivery service, and besides, does it really take that much effort to close Facebook and open another app on your cellphone? Still, there is some appeal to having all your online needs contained within one app.

In any case, the feature is being rolled out to users, and is supposedly experiencing some difficulties. TechCrunch tried testing it out and find that while the option did appear on mobile devices, some of the pages didn’t properly load. Other times, the option seemed to appear and then disappear from the navigation menu.

Once the app does become widely available (and starts working properly), Facebook will be one step closer to taking over our lives – if it hasn’t already.