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Credit: MARK RALSTON / Staff

Oscar night: An evening of art, of glamor and, of course, of pineapple. Yes, for some reason watching Ryan Seacrest ask Jennifer Lawrence who she’s wearing while she pretends she’d rather be anywhere else, makes Americans want to add tropical fruit to their meal. According to Grubhub, the largest online food delivery service, the items with the biggest spikes on Oscar Sunday are Hawaiian pizza and pineapple fried rice. Maybe the dishes seem good for sharing, maybe they think fried rice is easy to fit into an Oscar mold or maybe everyone thinks Aloha was actually a much better movie than I do. Whatever the reason, the pineapple pizza and fried rice see an increase of 36 percent and 38 percent respectively according to Grubhub. Other popular foods for Oscar parties seem just as random—Cajun fries and garlic bread are also popular on Hollywood’s biggest night.

So, where are we all getting our pineapple fix? The most ordered Hawaiian pizza comes from a Jet’s pizza franchise in Chicago and the most ordered fried rice comes from a place called Taste of Thai Express in Ithaca, New York. As the popular t-shirts say— Ithaca: It’s Gorgesing on fried rice.

We know pineapple isn’t everyone’s idea of Oscar food, so if you don’t want to follow the trend we’ve got plenty of other options for you.

Now let’s all kickback and watch Leonardo DiCaprio win that damn statue already.