By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 11, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of The Shrimp Cloud

Is the ability to access a terabyte of shrimp images from anywhere, any time on any device missing from your life? Well, not anymore. A Kickstarter campaign called “Shrimp Cloud," which the creator bills as “the future of shrimp,” has been created to fill that void.

What are the benefits of the Shrimp Cloud? Well, according to the campaign, you can “access millions of shrimp pictures from anywhere in the world (with access to internet). Plus, “Shrimp Cloud [is] safely located where shrimp boats can’t go”—at which point I decided to stop reading the benefits of Shrimp Cloud.

The good news is that you don’t need to worry about Shrimp Cloud—it’s already funded. Yes, visionary Eric Dennis only asked for $100 to get Shrimp Cloud off the ground, and with 27 days to go, he’s already raised $398 as of writing. Just to clarify, 42 backers have pledged money to have access to millions of shrimp images stored online.

Though, there are other benefits depending on how much you pledge. By giving $35 or more, you can get a “custom shrimp shirt.” For $3, you get access to 10 hours of shrimp on a private YouTube link. Someone opted for this option, just so you know.

However, the project faces possible pitfalls as well. Under the risks and challenges section, Dennis admits, “I have no idea how long it will take me to generate a terabytes worth of shrimp. I will go as fast as I can.” Right below that is Kickstarter’s stock link to “learn about accountability on Kickstarter.”

[h/t Eater]