By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 16, 2016
Credit: © RubberBall / Alamy

Credit cards have essentially made cash obsolete (for those of us who are in the non-shady professions). Now smartphone payment apps are trying to make carrying around a piece of plastic seem stupid. Somewhere in there, I’m pretty sure video killed the radio star. And now, Apple wants you to conduct financial transactions – like splitting a check with friends – through its text messaging service, iMessage.

This week, Apple announced that for iOS 10, the brand’s iMessage service will allow peer-to-peer payments thanks to a partnership with digital payment company Square. The new feature claims to make sending money as easy as shooting a friend a text, meaning you’ll finally be able to butt-dial away your life savings. The service will also work with Siri, if you prefer to have your digital assistant handle all your financial dirty work.

According to Business Insider, though the new feature will be integrated with iMessage, Apple lovers will still have to download Square Cash and sign up for the service to activate the ability to text money. It’s actually starting to sound like a lot steps compared to just giving someone cash. Why did we want to make that obsolete again??

[h/t Eater]