By Matt McCue
Updated June 18, 2014
Credit: © Ruben Torano

What: Pig’s head carnitas at chef Michael Sindoni’s CBD Provisions in Dallas.

Crackpot Inspiration: Sindoni wanted to unlock the secrets hiding in what he considers a vastly underappreciated cut of the pig. People often overlook (or completely avoid looking at) the head, but according to Sindoni, “There are lot of small, well-marbled muscles hiding in the various nooks and crannies.”

Cooking all of those well-marbled muscles is no small task though. It is almost a week in the making. “First, we brine the head for a few days, then it is steamed for about 12 hours and chilled,” says Sindoni. “Before we serve it, it gets roasted in a convection oven until the skin is crispy.” When it’s finally done he plates it family style, showing the full spectrum of the pig—snout and ears included—for your viewing pleasure.

Outrageous Factor: Surprisingly low. In Texas, this actually passes for a “light lunch.”

Detox Level: