By Carey Jones
Updated September 10, 2015
© Michael Tulipan

When we walk into a great falafel shop, we're compelled to order, well, the falafel. (We're daring like that.) But a falafel sandwich isn't just about those irresistible fried chickpea balls. It shines thanks to the pita, tahini and fresh vegetables tucked inside.

And if you’re into all those things, it shouldn’t take much to turn you into a sabich convert. Instead of falafel, you'll get charred or fried eggplant, egg, hummus, tahini and more on the Israeli sandwich. What's not to love?

The bread: Pita bread—fresh, puffy pita bread, mind you—is the obvious choice, but we've seen chefs starting to experiment (see below).

The filling: Eggplant,egg and tomato-cucumber salad are staples, but just as in a falafel pita, the more the merrier.

Where to get it: Here are three of our favorites in New York.

Timna: The not-at-all traditional sabich on this modern Israeli spot's brunch menu forgoes the pita for a flaky croissant. Chef Nir Mesika takes the sabich's traditional eggplant, egg, tomato, and tahini and adds in potato salad, housemade harissa and curry aioli. It's served with crushed tomatoes and jalapeño for a little extra heat.

Taboonette: Dubbed the "sabeech" on Taboonette's breakfast menu, their version brings together all the classics: eggplant, egg, chopped salad and pickles for a little extra acidity.

Taïm: Among the best falafel shops in NYC, Taïm does just as great a job with their sabich—eggplant fried until almost candy-sweet, their incredible house hummus and tahini, and amba, a pickled mango condiment.