The famous bar from 'The Simpsons', come to life. 
Inflatable Moe's Pub
Credit: FOX / Contributor / Getty Images 

Super fans of The Simpsons rejoice: Inflatable replicas of Moe’s Tavern will soon open in Dublin, London, and Los Angeles.

Yes, you could soon be stepping inside one of the most infamous pubs on television; a very specialized company called Inflatable Pubs began working on securing the rights to Moe’s in April.

“Effectively it is like a blow up marquee, and made from the same material as a bouncy castle, but the interior will be an exact replica of the one in the Simpsons. We are even hoping to be able to import and provide Duff beer like Homer drinks,” Lisa McMahon Winters, founder of the company, said of her creation.

So far, the Ireland-based company has mostly stuck to inflatable pubs aimed at television fans in the UK, recreating the Queen Vic from the show EastEnders and The Rovers Return from Coronation Street, but they’re now expanding their reach to find an American clientele.

You can even design your own personal inflatable pubs for weddings, festivals, or parades, which is McMahon Winter’s plan for Moe’s: She eventually hopes to develop a retail version that people can rent out for events.

Can you imagine how awed your party guests would be if they walked into your backyard expecting a few coolers and an old grill, but instead found a inflatable version of everyone’s best-loved dive bar? You’d become a party-hosting icon.

No word on exactly when the inflatable version of Moe’s Tavern is set to open, but in the meantime, we recommend binge watching The Simpsons while enjoying your favorite beer.