By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 02, 2014
Hot and Sour Soup with Ramen
Credit: Molly Yeh

Have you ever looked down at your chicken curry over rice and thought to yourself, Damn, I wish I could wear that as a necklace?

Apparently, someone in Japan thought it was a good idea, because Hatanaka — a company that specializes in making realistic plastic food replicas — has gotten into the jewelry and accessory game.

Hatanaka makes some seriously authentic-looking plastic eats from steaks to pasta. And the practical purposes for those seem obvious enough: use in display cases or as props. But then some savvy salesman in the marketing department was like, “Let’s slap that spaghetti to a headband and sell it as a fashion statement!” Yes, that is a real product, and it is SOLD OUT.

The absurdity goes on for dozens and dozens of crazy products. There are bacon belts and French fry earrings. You can even get a full-on egg over soba noodles ramen to wear around your neck. In fact, many of the pieces might even seem charming if they didn’t look so much like you had a real bacon and eggs.

Nonetheless, so many of these products are currently sold out that maybe I’m the one who’s out of my mind. If you want to order in English, they have a page catering specifically to us American plastic-food lovers. You, too, can be the most delicious-looking woman at the ball.

Here are a few of their products: