Credit: Courtesy of Zand Hotel

The newest edition of Sweden’s Ice Hotel won’t arrive for a few months still, but fortunately, for those of us in search of a weird vacation spot, sculptors in the Netherlands created another temporary hotel that looks quite a bit more comfortable than its frigid cousin. This one will also let you live out your childhood dream of spending a night in an actual sand castle—or at least it will let you live out my childhood dream of spending a night in an actual sand castle.

Global PowWow, a company that puts on sand sculpting events all over the world, commissioned two versions of the Zand Hotel in conjunction with festivals in the towns of Oss and Sneek in the Netherlands.

The sand hotels are a bit more stable than they sound—the walls are reinforced with actual construction materials. And they also come with electricity and running water (no worries about going to the bathroom). But it’s still the closest you’ll come to an inhabitable version of the work you did with a pail and shovel on your family vacation.

A room in one of the Zand Hotels will set you back $170 a night (that’s nothing—that’s less than a night at a La Quinta Inn in New York), but you’re running out of opportunities to get one. The hotels will be taken down by early October.

If you miss your chance this year, though, don’t worry. The hotels have been so successful that they’re already planning to reopen for another stint next fall.