Credit: © SuperStock / Corbis

Nothing beats gammy's meatballs or nana's mac and cheese. But what about those who don't live close to their grandma or don't actually have a grandma to cook for them? French website Lou Papé rents out retirees and nursing home residents as chefs to anyone who misses the taste of home cooking.

The founder, Alizé Delbes, devised the concept when she first arrived in Paris, where, without her family around, she found she was nostalgic for the taste of her grandmother's cooking. It's not just about great food, either; there's also a socially minded component to Lou Papé. The site keeps their chefs excited to engage with the world.

And it's more than just the food; the service really does offer a family cooking experience. One Lou Papé chef, Béatrice, said, "That’s what I like, passing on knowledge and giving lots of advice…It’s true that my philosophy is more about setting up a workshop for the client, rather than just making food for people. It would be a shame not to share this moment." Béatrice even imparted a folder of all her recipes to her clients.

And you can choose your grandparent, too. Each chef has his or her own menu and price point, ranging from 12€ per person (about $13.50) to 42€ (about $47.50), for options ranging from a small selection of desserts to four-course meals. The chefs are picked as much for their willingness and ability to relate on a personal level as for their culinary prowess.

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