Get excited.

By Rebekah Lowin
Updated May 26, 2017

Three good things: Doughnuts. Nutella. Bouquets.

What if we told you there was a—gasp!—Nutella doughnut bouquet?

No, like, really. We aren't pulling your leg. Promise. As reported by the Daily Mail, there's a shop in Sydney, Australia selling Nutella doughnut in, Nutella doughnuts swaddled together like a dozen roses. And they're making a whole lot of people happy in the process.

The company, Dessertboxes, was started by three siblings who decided to end "boring gifts" once and for all with their sweet bouquets. It's only been around for 3 months, but according to co-owner Samantha Khater, things are going well. Remarkably well, even. Well, what else would you expect from a doughnut bouquet store?

"People are in high demand for a gift that can't be re-gifted," she told the news outlet. "And what do you give a man? Flowers? I don't think so. Jewelery rusts and flowers die but nobody has ever turned down a doughnut."

Okay, can someone give Khater a Nobel Peace Prize for that line? Because this is exactly the kind of forward thinking the world needs right now.

Of course, this isn't the siblings' first business. They also started Kayter co, which sells cronut towers and "personalized" coconuts.

"We did Nutella bouquets through Kayter co last year," said Khater. "And they were so successful that people wanted to purchase total 'boxes' from us filled with treats. That's how our new company was formed."

Unfortunately, for all of us bouquet-loving, doughnut-loving, nutella-loving folks in the States, these bouquets aren't available for shipping just yet.

"We could ship nationally," Khater said. "But it would compromise the fresh taste."

Sigh. We'll have to settle for making our own nutella desserts at home.