By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 11, 2015
Credit: © Campbell Soup Company

After nearly two years in development—the partnership was originally announced back in 2013—you can finally make Campbell’s soup in your Keurig coffee machine. Starting with two varieties of Chicken Broth & Noodle Soup, either Homestyle or Southwest Style, Campbell’s packages for Keurigs come with a broth K-cup and a noodle packet. Simply brew your broth, pour it over the noodles, let the whole thing sit to cook for about three minutes and you’re ready to eat.

In some ways, Keurig and Campbell’s are a natural fit. Beyond both companies dealing in hot liquids, Keurig essentially took something that wasn’t that hard to make to begin with—coffee—and made it even easier to make. It probably left the Campbell’s soup team wondering, “Why did we never fully embrace the laziness of our customers?” But a dedicated automatic soup making machine isn’t quite sensible because, unlike coffee, your average American doesn’t need two cups of soup a day to get through work. So it makes sense that Campbell’s would want to piggyback off Keurig’s machine.

In other ways, however, nothing sounds less appealing than a meal of soup and coffee. It’s like the desperate dinner of someone on the mend from hypothermia. Or the diet regimen of a model from the ’70s. Plus, though coffee-based beverages come in many flavors nowadays, salty chicken still isn’t one of them—meaning if there is any sort of cross-contamination between making coffee and making soup, the results would be pretty gross.

For Campbell’s, however, the partnership is probably less about innovation and more about putting their products in a new perspective. “The main reason that Campbell Soup is salivating over this opportunity is that they see the Keurig machine as the key to building soup consumption outside of traditional mealtimes,” Tom Vierhile, innovation insights director at Datamonitor, told Food Navigator USA.

If that’s the case, here’s an idea for an innovation: caffeinated soup. That's the only reason most people are headed to the Keurig machine anyway.