With a little help from Amazon. 

Seamless delivery on Amazon Alexa
Credit: Bloomberg / Contributor / Getty Images

Food delivery services like Seamless can be a dream come true for those of us who are exhausted, overwhelmed, busy, and just flat out lazy, with no time – or desire – to cook. A quick scroll and click on your phone can get you pizza, burritos, sushi – whatever your heart desires (almost). But you still have to put out a little effort: Pick up your phone, open the app, find your favorite restaurant, and then confirm your order. Not too much effort, but just enough to ensure that someone would think up a way to make ordering food even easier.

Enter Amazon: They gave their voice assistant Alexa, which speaks out of their Echo dot device and Amazon Fire TV, a new “skill.” Users can now order their next meal using just their voice, no hands required. There’s one catch: you have to reorder not just from a restaurant you’ve previously ordered from, but the exact same menu items as well.

Here’s how it works:

Link your Seamless account to your device, then tell Alexa, “Open Seamless" or, "Tell Seamless I'm hungry.” She’ll respond with a friendly, “Welcome to Seamless! Here are the latest orders available for reorder,” listing out your last three orders on the app. She places the order for your using your saved payment information and tells you your estimated delivery time.

For those hungry – and adventurous – diners who like to try a new restaurant every time they order, this is not the service for you. But if you’re devoted to just a few special meals that hit the spot every time, Alexa may offer an even quicker, hassle-free way to order your food.

Everyone else will just have to stick to using the app on their phones for now – hopefully that won’t be too much of a strain on your fingers. But if Amazon’s nifty little trick becomes popular, you can bet that Apple won’t be far behind with a similar innovation of their own.