The Fireball Bagel is spiked with both cinnamon whiskey dough and glaze.
fireball bagel
Credit: Cislander / Spauln / Getty Images

Proving the name "everything bagel" isn't quite accurate, you can now eat a bagel made with Fireball Whiskey. Just head to Freehold, NJ, where The Bagel Nook has fused breakfast and drinks in what they call the Fireball Bagel.

The latest creation from The Bagel Nook's innovative owner Alex Berkowitz, the Fireball Bagel is definitely not watering anything down. Delish's dive into the recipe reveals that the spicy spirit is incorporated into the bagel not once, but twice. First, some Fireball Whiskey is poured into the dough, imparting the cinnamon whiskey's kick; then, Berkowitz reduces more Fireball into a glaze by heating it in a skillet (removing the alcohol in the process) and coats the finished bagel.

If adding the Fireball Whiskey isn't enough flavor for you, The Bagel Nook recommends topping the Fireball Bagel with their equally unusual-sounding apple pie cream cheese. And if that's somehow still not enough, here are five more of the strangest bagels you can find:

1. Oreo Overload

Another Bagel Nook creation, the Oreo Overload brings classic cookies and cream flavor to bagels, with a swirl, Oreo cream cheese, and actual Oreos inside.

2. Twinkie Bagel

Available at Williamsburg bagel shop The Bagel Store, the Twinkie bagel combines what Serious Eats describes as "snack cake"-like interior with a crackly sweet exterior.

3. Cereal Bagels

cereal bagels fruity pebbles
Credit: Courtesy of The Bagel Nook

Yes, there's more than one kind. Staten Island shop Bagels R Us offers sweet bagels that use cereals like most do seeds, encrusting them with Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles, and even Cookie Crisp.

4. Flamin' Hot Cheetos Bagel

cheetos and doritos
Credit: © The Bagel Nook

Yet another barely-believable bagel from Bagel Nook, this could be both the cheesiest and spiciest bagel ever, especially combined with its accompanying ghost chili cream cheese.

5. Rainbow Bagels

Credit: © The Bagel Store

Compared to the wild concoctions above, the classic rainbow bagel may seem tame. The process of making them, however, is anything but, requiring some serious dough-working skills.