We're freaking out.
Carrot Cupcakes

Be cool, guys, but we've got some really big news: Prosecco-flavored frosting is here, and no, you don't have to make it yourself.

That means no slaving away for hours with your hand mixer. No opening 24 different Pinterest tabs. No accidentally getting all your guests drunk.

Instead, this heaven-sent frosting is available for just £2.49 from U.K. based kitchenware and storage retailer Lakeland. That's right: You can finally look like a DIY queen without actually, you know, doing anything yourself.

The best part? Believe it or not, the white-colored frosting is alcohol-free! That's got to be a good thing, though we'll admit we're a little curious (and altogether nervous) to learn what actually makes it taste like Prosecco.

"The fizz of prosecco in frosting form – what’s not to like?" reads the product's description on Lakeland's website. "Alcohol-free, use it straight from the tub as a topping or filling for cakes, biscuits and macarons, or decorate birthday or wedding cakes – there’s no mixing and measuring to do – all you need is a piping bag."

Wine-flavored anything is enough to get our hearts racing, but if for some absurd reason Prosecco just isn't your thing, you can grab some Gin and Tonic frosting instead. Or piña colada frosting. Or—okay, is this real life?—even mojito frosting.

What have we, the human race, done to deserve this plethora of blessings? We may never know.

There's one issue, which is that the frosting is only available in the U.K. But Lakeland does ship most of its products worldwide, so we have a feeling it's only a matter of time before this particular one makes its way into our pantries. Besides, we're just thrilled to know that it exists at all—and what better excuse for a trip across the pond?

We'll drink to that.