Credit: © Cultura RM Exclusive/Liam Norris/Getty Images

Most people would agree that healthy eating could add years to your life. Now, life insurance provider John Hancock is lending financial credence to that theory.

Starting this week, some policy holders with the financial services giant will be able to earn perks like saving money on their premiums, cash back on their groceries or other discounts by proving they’re eating healthy foods. Company president Michael Doughty says they’re the first life insurance company to offer such a deal. “It’s designed to recognize that nutrition, and particularly nutrition combined with exercise, is really the best recipe for living a long and healthy life,” he told USA Today.

So just how does John Hancock keep an eye on your eating habits? Customers receive a loyalty card they can swipe at around 70 grocery store chains around the country, including big names like Walmart. Based on their purchases, card holders are eligible for 25 percent discounts (or an equal amount of cash back) on foods deemed as healthy and can earn up to $50 a month. Swiping their card also helps policyholders accumulate “vitality points” that, when accumulated, can help them achieve higher status levels, each of which comes with a discount off their premiums, up to 15 percent.

Of course, if we want to get a little morbid about things, insurance companies don’t provide offers like this as a public service. Someone obviously crunched the numbers (probably a lot of numbers) and determined that promoting healthy eating among their customers would help John Hancock’s bottom line. So if you want to live longer, eat healthier. But the next time you slam a bacon double cheeseburger, at least you can justify it as trying to get a better return on your life insurance investment.