By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 12, 2016
Burger King Spa, Restel, Finland
Credit: Courtesy of Restel

If you are a diehard Burger King fan who needed another excuse to go to Finland (this post is so relatable!), here’s the Scandinavian fast food tourist trap you’ve been waiting for: a new BK recently opened in Helsinki that is replete with a fully decked out spa inside.

Billed as “the world’s first BK spa” – which for some reason has me saying, “finally!” – the facility includes a 15 person sauna with a 48-inch TV (which hopefully doesn’t show those creepy commercials featuring the masked BK King), a media lounge with an even larger 55-inch TV and a PlayStation 4, a shower room, a locker room and a restroom. The whole thing can be yours for three hours for just 250 euros (about $280 USD). You even get to dry yourself with Burger King branded towel and can order food as you chill. No mention if there is a two Whopper minimum.

Though the whole thing may sound insane, as First We Feast points out, despite being home to just under 5.5 million people, as recently as 2013, it was reported by the BBC that Finland has 3.3 million saunas in everywhere from homes to offices to hotels. Man, with numbers like that, a better question would be why the hell did it take Burger King so long to get a damn sauna?

There’s no indication if Burger King plans to bring the concept to the States, but my inclination would be to say, I’m pretty sure that keeping that from happening is why cities have health departments.