Will other restaurants follow suit? 

Credit: Meg Smith

We never thought this day would come, but you can now enjoy Michelin-starred flavors while watching The Bachelor in your living room. The new food startup Render teamed up with James Beard Award-winning chefs Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski of State Bird Provisions and The Progress to make some high-end snacks that you can order online, in keeping with the trend of high-profile chefs broadening their reach outside of the kitchen.

The first item, called State Bird Seeds, is a savory snack mix of puffed quinoa, seeds, herbs and spices, based on a dish they serve at their restaurants. According to a press release announcing the collaboration, restaurant staffers eat the blend by the handful. (It's organic, vegan and gluten-free.) 3.5 ounce bags cost $4.99, making the snack a good way to get your State Bird Provision fix without splurging on a fancy meal ... though you should definitely do that, too. State Bird Seeds can be bought on Render's online store or at a number of L.A. specialty stores including Bristol Farms, Erewhon, Jimbo's, and Rainbow Acres.

"We don't specialize in any one type of food. We specialize in good food, period," said CEO Dana Peck of Render's mission. "The more complex or off-the-wall, the better. We like putting our creative muscles to work. To maintain the soul of a chef's product but transform it so it can get into a wider audience is incredibly rewarding."

Next spring, Render will be collaborating with Nick Balla and Cortney Burns of Duna (formerly of Bar Tartine) on a line of beverages. Moving forward, Render plans to collaborate with more chefs on crafting food and beverages that consumers can buy outside of their restaurants.

Fingers crossed they can figure out a way for us to order Dooky Chase fried chicken off the internet.