By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 27, 2015

Necessity is the mother of invention, and though it’s not absolutely necessary to protect your beloved Nutella from your family, significant other or roommates, the cult product certainly has a way of disappearing if you don’t keep an eye on it.

With that in mind, German “inventor” (I use the term loosely because the guy invented a lock for Nutella jars) Daniel Schobloch designed an acrylic lock to help a friend protect his personal Nutella stash from his kids. “The idea started out as a joke,” Schobloch told Germany’s The Local. “One of my friends was always getting worked up because his children were stealing his Nutella.”

As news of this miraculous device spread like Nutella across a boring piece of toast, Schobloch realized he might have a small business on his hands. So he turned to the one place where anyone can sell anything. “As the demand continued to grow, we decided to offer the device on eBay,” he said.

At this point, nearly 1,000 of the locks have been sold—with each one going for about 10 euros. Schobloch, who’s patented the device, is already preparing a new batch of the locks for sale and is hoping to eventually bring it to the open market.

However, the lock isn’t perfect. “Acrylic is easy to break into,” Schobloch laments. So he may want to include a warning that the device is intended only as a novelty gift and may not be suitable for high-security Nutella situations.

[h/t Munchies]