By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 25, 2016
Credit: Jenn Fujikawa

What was your favorite moment from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Was it seeing the Millennium Falcon go zoom-zooming across the galaxy? Was it Kylo Ren pulling off his mask to reveal he’s one of the stars of the show Girls? Was it when you were like, “Whoa, Carrie Fisher still totally holds up.”

These were all, of course, great moments. But for many Star Wars fans, another smaller moment stood out: when Rey returns home from her trade with Unkar and makes an instantaneously rising bread roll.

Turns out that otherworldly bread isn’t that otherworldly at all. The special effect wasn’t created through CGI; it was a practical effect handled on set. And now, the official Star Wars website has posted a recipe of how to make a similar instant bread yourself. It was created by superfan Jenn Fujikawa, who's blog displays an array of Star Wars-themed recipes.

Granted the posted recipe isn’t what you saw in the movie. According to special effects supervisor Chris Corbould, the “bread” they used for the actual scene was all about visual appeal over taste. “No, you wouldn’t want to eat it!” he told MTV News. But the recently posted Portion Bread recipe is edible, and though it requires the use of a microwave, it will actually bake and rise in a mere 45 seconds.

I haven’t tried the recipe myself yet, so I can’t vouch for the taste, but if it’s anything like the movie that inspired it, I’m guessing OMG YOU’RE GONNA LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT.