Thought-provoking reads to increase your food IQ.

Thought-provoking reads to up your food IQ.

A London pop-up restaurant with the theme "Death-Row Dinners" recently closed before it even opened due to public outrage. The New Yorker examines the impulse that almost led to its weird existence.

The New York Times reveals the (actually) fascinating story behind the invention of the charcoal briquette, tracing its birth back to Henry Ford's launch of the Model T.

Advertisements for Tribe hummus, say some people, seem to pit Israelis and Palestinians against each other in a pureed chickpea clash; read more in New York.

"Why Coffee is Wreaking Havoc on Your Productivity" in Inc. cites research that finds that the caffeine high is an illusion. In fact, researchers say, coffee drinkers are essentially locked in constant battle against the bummer that is caffeine withdrawal.

In more positive health news, as described in The Atlantic, researchers are speculating that yogurt may help fight anxiety. It all has to do with the colonies of bacteria in our gut, and the idea that keeping them happy can help keep us happy.