Yogurt is a realm generally dominated by health-conscious females, but Dannon’s Oikos brand is trying to reimagine that concept with a marketing campaign geared specifically toward men.

The Triple Zero Greek Yogurt Variety is sweetened with stevia and is supported by an ad campaign featuring Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. With Dannon being the official yogurt sponsor of the Super Bowl, this campaign seems to only be gaining momentum.

Men are into fitness, too, of course, and yogurt is loaded with protein, which can aid both in burning fat and building muscle—all things manly men love. However, yogurt marketing has long been geared toward women. The company’s previous spokesperson was John Stamos, with a campaign focused on being a light, healthy snack. Newton’s campaign focuses on the protein content of yogurt.

“The yogurt industry's leaders have used feminine colors and played on yogurt being a way to lose weight. Although men know proteins are a way to build muscle and yogurt contains them, they really have not focused the messaging in the space,” says marketing expert Ebony T. Grimsley-Vaz, author of Because You're Small: Effective Marketing Strategies for Immediate Implementation. “Holding a dainty cup with pink colors is not going to attract the alpha male. When it comes to health food, men want to bulk up. They want a decent portion and want to look strong, even while eating healthy foods,” Grimsley-Vaz says.

It also doesn’t hurt that the campaign is airing during the testosterone-driven Super Bowl with one of the game’s major players.