By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 19, 2016

I know popcorn sometimes seems like magic: Teeth destroying, hard, yellow kernels go in and soft-textured delicious white puffs come out. But the science is very straight-forward: popcorn kernel plus heat equals popcorn.

And yes, as the video above demonstrates, that equation works even if you plan on popping one kernel at a time using the heat from a hair straightener. For the record, popping one kernel at a time with a hair straightener is not an effective way to make popcorn. However, it is an effective way to make a YouTube video seeing as this silly 16 second clip has gotten over three-quarter of a million views. That’s like a Bill Nye level of scientific excitement!

But sure, now you have visual evidence that you can pop a single kernel of popcorn with a hair straightener so have fun showing off this wonderful new parlor trick at your next big sleepover. Or when you’re high. I don’t know what you’re up to in your free time.

Next up: The science behind why people still insist on shooting videos vertically.