You don't have to give up your rosé habit just because summer's over.

By Alison Spiegel
Updated October 03, 2018
Sara Kerens

Holiday party season is coming, and thankfully, you'll have a new go-to wine to stock up on. Yes Way Rosé, the pink bottles that you've seen all over Instagram since @yeswayrose launched 2013, is debuting a new bottle next week. On October 8, Yes Way Rosé Bubbles will be available at Target stores nationwide, selling for a cool $14.99.

The release comes on the heels of another national Target release: Yes Way Rosé bottles hit Target shelves this past March, after the first launch of Summer Water, which was a partnership with Winc.

The new sparkling wine is a dry Grenache made in the south of France, and according to a press release, "features complex notes of white flowers, fresh stone fruit, and citrus along with refined, long-lasting bubbles." Sounds like it'll be good for paring with savory holiday dishes like turkey and brisket, as well as an array of hors d'oeuvres (see here for a list of appetizers that reliably require only one hand to eat, so that you can carry your glass of bubbly in the other).

Sara Kerens

Drink it straight or mix the sparkling rosé into cocktails to turn any drink royale. However you play it, it's hard to beat the affordable price tag on this bottle of bubbly.

It will be on shelves for as long as the current wine lasts, and a wider release of the bottles outside of just Target stores is scheduled for 2019.

Unfortunately they won't be bottling magnums at this point, so if you really want to stock up, or give the gift of Yes Way Rosé Bubbly to a friend, you could also purchase a limited edition tote to carry all your bottles home in style.

If you like what you see (co-founder Nikki Huganir, who was a graphic designer at Madewell and T: The New York Times Style magazine, designed the pink polka dotted lable), look out for a book from Huganir and co-founder Erica Blumenthal that is set to come out some time next year.