Caterers said they ensure his preferred entrée is available.
Donald Trump Fool Policy
Credit: © WireImage for Hill & Knowlton

Today, Donald Trump sets off on his first international trip as President of the United States – a nine-day journey with stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, Belgium and Italy. But as these travels seem to take on more significance thanks to the mounting pressures back home, some in the president’s camp, and even in the media, have bigger matters on their mind: Will Trump find anything he’s willing to eat?

From well-done steaks to “beautiful” chocolate cake, Trump is a notoriously picky eater, and very particular about a lot of things in general. Newsweek even went so far as to publish a piece entitled, “Trump’s Overseas Trip: What Food Will the Picky President Eat?” Writer Tim Marcin predicts the trip is could be tougher on Trump’s stomach than the trips he’s taken so far, mostly to Trump-owned properties. “He's scheduled to attend a banquet dinner in Saudi Arabia, a private dinner with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a working lunch with new French President Emmanuel Macron, a dinner with NATO leaders and finally a meal with Italian President Sergio Mattarella,” Marcin points out.

But, good news for the President’s stomach: The Associated Press today reported that the POTUS’s travels abroad include a “worldwide effort … to keep Trump happy.” That includes everything from advising foreign officials about the president’s much discussed preference for short presentations with lots of visual aids to assuring that he’ll have plenty of ketchup for his well-done steaks along the way.

Yes, according to the AP, “In Saudi Arabia, people with knowledge of the planning for Trump’s trip say the caterers are planning to offer the president steak and ketchup alongside the lamb and hefty portions of rice on the menu.” In a funny twist, the AP article also states, “The people with knowledge of the Saudis’ planning insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to disclose the sensitive details.” Now that’s a leak! We need to find out who these loose-lipped caterers are. Where’s a special counsel when you need one?