By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 07, 2015
Credit: Photo Composite: © iStockphoto

The idea of a Sriracha donut isn’t new. Let’s be honest: At this point the idea of Sriracha anything isn’t new. Sriracha’s been put into practically every food item known to man. So yes, back in 2011, the Food Network was seeking out peanut butter and Sriracha donuts from a food truck in South Carolina. And even upper Manhattan has seen a Sriracha donut before, with Dough Loco’s raspberry Sriracha donut being named one of the seven best in NYC.

But with everything Sriracha being food news, we have to mention Jolie Patisserie – and its rather bold addition to the pantheon of spicy donuts. The new Harlem-based pastry shop is serving up a donut topped with a ring of literal, straight up Sriracha sauce.

We’re not talking Sriracha baked in with the batter. Not the spicy sauce being whipped into the icing. At Jolie Patisserie, you get a donut topped with a layer of sour cream, then a sprinkling of almonds, and then, finally, a drizzle of rooster sauce. You might as well just squeeze some Sriracha on a plate and dip your donut in as you go.

Owner Moha Orchid previously owned a restaurant in NYC’s more touristy West Village neighborhood so creating a gimmick to get people to come uptown seems necessary. And if we’ve learned anything from Field of Dreams, it’s that, “If you Sriracha it, they will come.”