yellow lobster, lobster
Credit: © Jack Milton/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

If you thought all live lobsters came in a bit of a brownish hue, you’ve had a bit of a rough month. Last week, photos were being shared around the web of a rare blue lobster caught off the coast of Massachusetts. Even the lobsterman who caught it marveled at the catch’s bright blue color – a condition which reportedly affects only about one in every 2 million lobsters.

But this week, an even more bizarre story is spreading. According to DNAinfo New York, a far rarer yellow lobster had turned up – sporting a pigment that only one in every 30 million lobsters possess. But apparently whoever caught this crustacean didn’t realize how uncommon the lobster was because it made it all the way from Nova Scotia to a Manhattan restaurant before anyone even seemed to bat an eye.

After turning up at the aptly named Burger & Lobster restaurant in NYC’s Flatiron neighborhood, someone realized just how precious this particular lobster was and gave her a “pardon,” moving her off the menu and into a special display tank all her own. “We thought it would be nice to celebrate her a little bit, so we named her Ruby and plopped her in her own tank at the restaurant,” co-owner Steven Costello was quoted as saying. Rubies generally aren’t yellow, so that’s a bit weird, but it’s a nice gesture anyway. Eventually, he hopes Ruby can end up in an aquarium or somewhere else where people will be less likely to salivate over her.

Interestingly, Costello also said Ruby is one of the most aggressive lobsters he’s ever come across. “Generally speaking, unless you touch them they’re pretty docile,” he said. “But Ruby, if you go up and look at her in the tank she gets her claws up, ready to fight. She definitely has her own personality.” As you may recall from our blue lobster story, brighter-colored lobsters can have a harder time avoiding predators because they’re easier to spot. I’m no lobster scientist, but maybe that explains Ruby’s tough demeanor. Plus, she’s a New Yorker now; that Canadian politeness isn’t going to get you anywhere in this town, hon!