Baseball players aren't the only ones making amazing plays at Yankee Stadium.


The Major League Baseball archives are full of clips of fans enjoying their food and beverage—everything from adorable little kids eating hot dogs to perhaps less adorable, not-so-little people catching baseballs in their beers (and then often chugging them). But though showing fans' concession-related bloopers is part of what gives baseball its charm, very few highlights are dedicated to the hardworking men and women actually serving all that grub—a job that, as a clip from yesterday's Yankees games proves, isn't always that easy.

During the broadcast of game one of Wednesday's doubleheader between the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians at Yankee Stadium, a cameraman—apparently realizing he was in for the long haul—focused in on a vendor carrying a comically large pile of food. We're talking a giant metal platter packed to the brim with boxes and plates, a dozen at least, then topped with four more large plastic partitioned containers, added as if only for the LOLs. The proverbial cherry on top was, wedged just below the man's chin, a plate of cookies. And just as the camera zoomed in, the plate began to fall…

"Oh no! Oh no! The cookies are going down!" exclaimed Yankees announcer Michael Kay, who sounded impassioned as if saving these cookies was as important as Game 7 of the World Series. "Help him! This is awful!" Indeed, for a few agonizing seconds—long enough to start feeling a genuine sense of concern—the cookie plate hung precariously to the side, and no one was in sight to help.

But then, a true hero: Someone from below reaches out to save the cookie plate, and thankfully relieved this poor vendor of his massive pile of food. Like a shortstop bobbling the ball on a routine 6-3 putout, things might have looked scary for a moment, but in the end, it was all just business as usual. There was no error on this play. These vendors are professionals. Here's saluting the work they do which so often goes unappreciated.

Meanwhile, the Indians won the game, beating the Yankees 2 - 1. We provide that information as a public service to whomever at the ballpark ordered all that food. Clearly, they had much more important things to focus on than actually watching the game.