It will hit the market next month.
hangover cure
Credit: © Mirrorpix / Getty Images

If you’ve ever doubted the value of an Ivy League education, here’s more proof that these esteemed universities are churning out America’s brightest minds: Two students from Yale University say they’ve developed an amazing new way to prevent hangovers. Take that Harvard!

SunUp – tagline “Live for tonight… and tomorrow” – is a forthcoming, patent-pending, “anti-hangover supplement” created by Maggie Morse, a senior Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Major at Yale, and her business partner, fellow Yale senior Liam McClintock. According to the product’s website, when taken before a night of drinking, SunUp “is the only hangover preventative that combats all four underlying causes: vitamin loss, acetaldehyde buildup, immunologic disturbances, and glutamate rebound.” The product is basically a laundry list of vitamins and other ingredients, 15 things in all that “are intended to prime your body for alcohol consumption.”

McClintock told New Haven’s WTNH the idea stemmed from his own inability to find this kind of hangover cure. “I’m a big supplements aficionado so I take a lot of dietary supplements,” he said. “And I was trying to find one that would help alleviate my hangovers and nothing was really effective.” Meanwhile, Morse spoke to SunUp’s supposed benefits. “You feel less fatigued than normally, you are not nauseous, no headaches,” she said.

Though SunUp’s effect has only been demonstrated in “a small unscientific study of students,” as WTNH put it, the product has garnered positive feedback and was apparently good enough to earn interest from a pharmaceutical company who is helping the two students bring the product to market.

Right now, the product is for sale via an Indiegogo campaign. Pricing starts at $5 for a single serving, though the price breaks rise quickly if you’re willing to invest more. The crowdfunding campaign has already hit its $20,000 goal and SunUp has an anticipated delivery date of April 2017, meaning Yale’s finest hangover cure could be available as soon as next month.

Still, as with any hangover cure, I am a little skeptical. I mean, have they tested it on Dartmouth students yet? That’s how you know it works for real drinkers.