The team also reportedly never lowered its beer prices back down from last year's postseason highs.

The Cubs postseason hopes appear to be in trouble. Last year, Chicago's National League baseball team was the darlings of the playoffs, ending a century-plus long championship drought by winning the World Series. But this year, chances of a repeat seem slim as the Cubs lost their first home game of the National League Championship Series to go down three games to zero in the best-of-seven contest. And to add insult to injury, beer prices at Wrigley Field have also been raised, putting the cost of drowning your sorrows with a Budweiser at $10.50.

During the regular season, grabbing a plastic cup of Bud was setting fans back a (cough) mere $9.75, according to Chicago's DNAinfo, but for the team's postseason run, those prices have reportedly been jacked up to $10.50. Meanwhile, the price of a Goose Island beer jumped from $10.50 during the regular season to $11.50 now. If there's any silver lining to paying as much for a single beer as you might expect to pay for a six-pack outside the stadium, it's that this year's bump was, percentage-wise at least, lower than last year's. Reportedly, during the Cubs 2016 season, prices were $8.75 for a Bud and $9.50 for a Goose Island before being raised to $9.75 and $10.50 respectively once the team made its postseason run. However, how did the Cubs celebrate that World Series win from last year? As DNAinfo points out, by deciding to never return beers to their previous 2016 regular season price for the 2017 season. Hey, maybe higher beer prices were the team's lucky charm?!

To be fair, the beer prices in Wrigley Field, which also happens to be one of the MLB's most famous ballparks, have never been cheap. As of 2016, the Cubs ranked eighth out of 30 for most expensive beer by the ounce. And DNAinfo also reported that a beer vendor the site spoke with said he hasn't gotten any complaints during this year's postseason. Let's be honest: When you're shelling out for the hefty price of postseason tickets, what's an extra 75 cents here and there? Plus, as many Cubs fans will tell you, attending a Cubs playoff game could end up being a once-in-a-lifetime experience.