By Clara Olshansky
Updated July 29, 2016
avocado, bun, Fooddeco
Credit: © Fooddeco

Whether you're gluten-free, on a low-carb diet, or you just really like avocado, this may change the way you eat burgers forever. Instead of sandwiching your meat between two pieces of brioche (or, okay, Martin's potato rolls), you can skip the bun altogether and replace it with an avocado. Just split the avocado into a top and bottom half, remove the pit, and put the burger fixings in the middle. Bonus points for sprinkling sesame seeds on top like a traditional burger bun.

The avocado bun is the invention of Colette Dike of Food Deco, a "love story between food and decoration". She posted her first avocado bun to Instagram a few weeks ago, as part of a vegan chickpea burger with aquafaba (chickpea liquid from the can) mayonnaise. In light of the bun's success, Dike just yesterday followed up with an avocado bun cheeseburger topped with "secret burger sauce".

Granted, it may be pretty difficult to eat an avocado-bunned burger with your hands. If nothing else, you might end up with hands so green they'd give Shrek a run for his money. But hey, if anything is worth eating a burger with a knife and fork, it's avocado.

This isn't the first time Food Deco has killed it on the avocado recipes. You may remember some of her other stunningly gorgeous Avocado creations. From avocado smoothies to avocado truffles to more variations on avocado toast than you could possibly imagine, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to call Colette Dike the queen of avocados. To keep up with the avocado love, follow Food Deco on Instagram.