By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 07, 2016
Credit: © Justin Chin/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Welcome to “McDonald’s Next,” the McDonald’s for people who don’t like McDonald’s. It’s a new concept restaurant being tried out by the burger giant in Hong Kong, and though it still serves up traditional McDonald’s fare like hamburgers, the design and some of the side options are much different than what fast food junkies are used to.

As revealed in photos posted by Fast Company, the interior is starkly un–Mickey D’s by design—focusing instead on a minimalist, modern (hello, generic line art of food) design. But judging a McDonald’s by its interior design is like saying your lazy ex-boyfriend looks a lot better in that new suit: If you really want to see whether someone has changed, you need to look deep into their soul. In this case: the food.

Though Big Macs remain a menu staple, McDonald’s Next also comes with a few surprising choices. Patrons can now build their burgers and salads with a slew of trendier, heathier selections like quinoa, couscous and asparagus.

But does it all add up to a better experience? Since I’m yet to receive my ticket to Hong Kong to review a McDonald’s, I’ll have to take a writer from the site Coconuts' word for it when she says, “Unfortunately, the result is pretty underwhelming, especially at the price.” Price is relative—the bill came out to about $10 for fast food quinoa and asparagus, which isn’t jaw dropping. But coming from a franchise that used to pride itself on its dollar menu, it’s certainly a bump.

It seems to me that if you don’t really like McDonald’s, maybe just don’t eat at a McDonald’s. I’m pretty sure Wendy’s is still in business.