It has just 65 calories a glass.
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Wine is, by nature, an indulgent drink. And while some of those sweet indulgences—each sip awash with tannins that tickle the tongue, and bursting with complex, fruity flavors—can never be stripped away, one company is out to prove you can have your Prosecco and drink it, too, without the guilty indulgence of too many calories.

Gancia Leggero is a new diet Prosecco. It packs the same alcohol-content punch as its sister sparkling wines—at 11.5 percent—but goes down with less sugar and fewer calories. The company claims their bottles contains 75 percent less sugar that other Prosecco, according the Evening Standard, and has just 65 calories per 3.4-ounce glass.

Of course, it's worth noting that Prosecco is already a skinny drink. Most contain just a teaspoon of sugar (or about about one gram) and 80 calories per glass, making Prosecco one of the best alcoholic beverages for your beltline already. Gancia Leggero simply ups—or, in this case, lowers—the ante.

Gancia recently launched its new diet beverage in at least 18 pubs near London, with plans to expand its availability throughout the U.K., and pub owners seem pleased to offer the drink to customers craving a guilt-free sipping experience.

"Prosecco is already considered one of the lighter drinks, and now with a 'skinny' version, this is no doubt going to tap into a growing consumer trend for low-calorie and low-sugar products," says Suzanne Baker, commercial director of the Stonegate Pub Company, adding the alcoholic beverage is the "closest you'll get to clean drinking."

Now, you can buy a glass of the Gancia Leggero in: Cannick Tapps, City; Green Dragon, Croydon; Britannia, Monument; Argyle London, Farringon; Temperance, Fulham; George, Woodford; The Green, Shepherds Bush; Vineyard, Islington; William Blake, Old Street; Earl Of Camden, Camden; Alice; Aldgate; Bonds, Mayfair; Crutched Friar; Fenchurch; Minories, Tower Hill; Famous Cock Tavern, Islington; Nags Head, Islington; Pembroke Castle, Primrose Hill; and Trader, Whitecross.

But fair warning: This drink won't be cheap. According to the Evening Standard, Prosecco prices are expected to rise across the U.K. following Brexit. With the time you'd save on the treadmill, however, you might not care.