By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 27, 2016
Credit: © Marvin Joseph/The Washington/Getty Images

No offense to the world’s largest sandwich chain, but eating at Subway is always a bit of a compromise. I think (or maybe I hope) that no one in the world would readily call Subway the best sandwiches you can buy. Instead, a stop at subway usually comes from a desire for something cheap or fast or as close to where you are currently standing as physically possible. From there, you just do the best you can to choose sandwich ingredients that will make your sub enjoyable.

But what if you took the opposite approach? What if you set out to make the “the worst Subway sandwich possible, using actual ingredients from Subway”? That exact question was posed by Redditor Mister_Scorpion two days ago – with the promise to “eat the highest rated comment and report back.” Needless to say, plenty of people on Reddit reveled at the opportunity to become Sandwich Anti-Artist.

The creation that received the most upvotes for inedibility: “Meatball and tuna with double squirt of sweet onion chicken teriyaki sauce. Not toasted” – a creation that seems inspired in its willingness to mix incompatible flavors.

But when it comes to pure minimalist cringe-worthiness, one of the top answers came from a Redditor that described himself as a “previous Subway sandwich artist.”

Still, just like when it comes to ordering a good sandwich, ordering the worst sandwich is all a matter of taste. To truly appreciate people’s imagination, your best bet is to browse the Reddit thread yourself. Once there, you’re sure to stumble upon great suggestions like “submerge your sub inside of your cup of Pepsi.” And throw some chocolate chip cookies on there while you’re at it.