A new survey from Zoosk reveals what foods people think you should (and definitely shouldn't) order on your next date. 
Credit: Rob Lewine/Getty Images

First dates are recipes for anxiety. You have to choose the perfect restaurant or a bar, figure out an outfit, and then decide what exactly you want to eat. You don’t want to order something too messy, but are wine and cheese too formal? Pizza makes everyone happy, but will your date think you aren’t taking him seriously if you take him to a pizza place? Dinner dates contain so many variables that you may end more confused and stressed out than actually excited to meet someone new. Luckily, the dating site Zoosk recently conducted a survey asking around 7,000 singles what the best and worst foods are to order on a date.

First of all, steak and seafood are the most popular foods to eat on a date. That makes sense: A nice cut of meat or fillet of fish show that you have good, reliable taste and that you’re slightly adventurous, but neither one not too off the beaten path that your date might feel intimidated. Plus, neither dish makes a mess on your plate (though a good rule of thumb, no matter what you order, is to chew with your mouth closed).

However, singles in the millennial age group seem to be much more willing to take risks, saying that sushi is their favorite meal to eat on a date. As long as you’re going out for the good stuff (here’s Food & Wine’s list of expensive sushi that is worth the price), an intimate sushi dinner—even if you are stuffing each piece into your mouth whole—does sound romantic.

But what about the dishes you should never, ever order on a date? Most people surveyed said ribs and buffalo wings—which are both doused in a pungent sauce that stains both clothes and fingers—were the least attractive foods for a date to order. Respondents also pointed out that you might want to steer clear of dishes with names that are hard to pronounce if you’re on a date, which might cause some unnecessary embarrassment.

The survey also reveals a few foods that singles think are “sexy.” That’s right, if you really want to turn your date on over dinner, you might try ordering chocolate covered strawberries, ice cream, and the perhaps the most reliably satisfying food combination out there, wine and cheese.

Hopefully, this information takes some of the stress of our your next dinner date, just don’t blame the wrong choice in a meal as the reason you never got a text back.