Also, what you should never order at a restaurant. 

In a new interview with Delish, everyone's favorite grumpy British chef, Gordon Ramsay, is back with more truth bombs. This time, he's letting us in on some juicy restaurant business secrets.

First up, he divulges the number one night you should avoid going out to eat: Valentine's Day. Perhaps surprising, since a fancy dinner is the ideal romantic date.

"Valentine's day is the worst day of the year to go out. Busy kitchens with tons of diners means you don't get the true feeling of the restaurant," he says.

Not to worry, he does offer a tempting alternative.

"You should be cooking on Valentine's. What's more romantic than a meal cooked for your partner with good bottle of wine?"

Next up: His advice on what you should always avoid ordering at a restaurant.

"Ask what yesterday's soup du jour was before today's special. It may be the case that it's the soup du month," he quips.

Avoid the soup. Got it. But what if you do accidentally order something you don't love? Ramsay advises taking on a bit of his own brazen attitude.

"You are going out for a special night, so if it's an unsatisfactory experience, take the opportunity to let the staff know...Don't be shy," he says.

Yes, even a tough guy like Ramsay advocates for sticking up for yourself when it comes to bad restaurant experiences. Just don't expect him to be nice to you on Twitter.