The pop-up fast food restaurant served a tray of food so small it could fit in the palm of your hand.
tiny kfc for scale
Credit: Courtesy of KFC

The holidays are all about tradition, and apparently KFC has a new one: Open the strangest restaurant it can think of in Portland, Oregon. Last year, the chicken brand created what was billed as the “World’s First Inflatable KFC Franchise”—a plastic blow-up “restaurant” that only served up inflatable drumsticks and other air-filled food. Well, with this year’s concept, the fast food company was offering up some actual eats, but you definitely did not want to show up hungry: KFC created the “World’s Tiniest KFC” ironically serving fingertip-sized versions of its $5 Fill Up boxes.

Late last week, KFC explained the concept on Twitter including a video of the tiny meals being made in a style very reminiscent of the popular tiny cooking videos that took YouTube by storm. “Tiny mashed potatoes, tiny fried chicken, tiny biscuit, tiny cookie, tiny Dr. Pepper,” KFC wrote. “These are just a few of the tiny things you’ll find if you come to the tiny grand opening of the World’s Tiniest KFC on 12/16…if you can find it.”

People did find it—at 919 NW 23rd Ave—including local Portland paper The Oregonian which filmed the experience for Facebook. Those wondering just how small the tiniest KFC would be probably weren’t disappointed—except for the fact that patrons literally had to lie face down on the ground to be able to see through the super small front door.

“Can I offer you a $5 Fill Up?” a real-sized human asked customers as they shoved their nose through the entrance. Then, as a tray small enough to be held with the tips of the thumb and index fingers was passed through a curtain and over the tiny counter, the voice joked, “I hope you’re hungry.”

Unfortunately, it appears this tiny KFC was only a one-time pop-up, meaning if you want to try the tiniest, most oxymoronic $5 Fill Up ever created, you missed your chance. But equally frustrating is that though the food and drink all seemed to be real, The Oregonian’s video never really gave a proper review on how everything tasted. Come on, guys! The world’s tiniest KFC at least deserves the world’s fastest restaurant review!