This is not your average squirt gun.
youtube largest super soaker in the world
Credit: Courtesy of YouTube / Mark Rober

Squirt gun fights, especially for those of us who grew up in the era of the Super Soaker, were all about letting out pent up aggression with the most high-tech weaponry in the most fun (and least-threatening) way possible. Sure you could pump the heck out of those things, but you'd never put an eye out.

Not so with the world's largest Super Soaker. However this thing is mostly destructive to things like hot dogs and eggs. Luckily, its creators—former NASA engineer Mark Rober and friend Bob Ciagett—are planning on using the tool for good, not evil. They’ve created what’s been officially recognized as the World’s Largest Super Soaker. It’s even got a Guinness World Record to prove it. But with or without the record, we’re pretty sure you’d have no trouble believing the claims as soon as you laid eyes on the thing. It’s seven feet long and can reportedly fire water at a whopping 243 mph. Plus, the reserve can be pressurized to 2,400 pounds per square inch.

If that number doesn’t mean anything to you, never fear; Rober breaks it down in the video. The original Super Soaker clocked in at 40 PSI. The hose you probably have at your house is pressurized at 50. A fire truck’s hose has 300. That makes the World’s Largest Super Soaker about eight times more pressurized than a fire truck hose.

“Which, in hindsight,” Rober comments in the short video. “Is probably overkill.”

“I made the world's largest Super Soaker as a follow up to my World's Largest Nerf Gun. It shoots at 2,400 psi and 243 mph,” the description of the YouTube video that showcases the Soaker’s firing abilities reads. “[In the video] I destroy a bunch of stuff in slow motion and talk to the inventor of the Super Soaker Lonnie Johnson.”

Among the “stuff” that gets destroyed: Glass, soda cans, and a hot dog. There’s another moment when eggshells and yolks go flying every which way as the Soaker is aimed at a wall of eggs. Perhaps most thrilling, though, is the moment the jet stream chops a full-sized watermelon into tiny pieces as though it were a mere piece of tissue paper.

And yes, the inventors eventually take the Soaker out for a real-live water fight with friends. Don’t worry: The Soaker is positioned far, far away from the crowd.