Complete with bacon, eggs, and a spatula. Oh, and it's a skate park.

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated July 11, 2017
World's largest frying pan
Credit: skodonnell / Getty Images 

John Hillding is a man with big dreams. 40-foot-wide dreams, to be exact.

Hillding wants to build the world’s largest (fake) bacon, eggs, and spatula – all inside a giant frying pan – in the small town of Wilkeson, Washington, the News Tribune reports.

The project is a combination art installation and skate park. The artist says that he envisions the spatula and frying pan handle as ramps, while boarders can cruise along the edges of the pan and along the bacon.

73-year-old Hillding has an auspicious background as a community leader in Washington’s arts scene: He worked as an art professor for 25 years in Seattle, helped organize the original Bumbershoot festival, and served on the Wilkeson Town Council. He’s alrady raised $10,000 of the estimated $30,000 he needs to build the massive frying pan.

“I see it as my legacy,” he told the newspaper.

Hillding drew some of his inspiration from a nearby skate park in Wilkeson that’s been open for about two years. His own son, Emil, is an avid skateboarder. When Hillding saw the park’s “pump bump,” a section of wavy track, he realized a slab of bacon could easily imitate that shape.

He took his idea to the project manager of a company that creates skate parks all over Washington, who drew up some designs, and the dream came to life. He even plans to colorize the concrete so that the faux-food will be, according to Hillding, “unmistakable as bacon and eggs.”

The structure will live next to a hiking trail in the town, hopefully drawing people outdoors, and more tourists to the small town. Washington is already home to the world's largest egg (it's twelve feet long and weighs 1,200 pounds) in Winlock, and a 14-foot-tall frying pan in Long Beach.

Given Hillding's impressive artistic vision, though, this art project will probably surpass all those roadside attractions as the breakfast monument everyone in Washington will have to see (and try a few kickflips on).