He snuck through someone's yeard and descended an embankment to bring weary travelers a couple pies.
pizza overhead pepperoni
Credit: Viviane Lane Gil Budde / Eyeem / Getty Images

Here’s a standard question: How much do you tip a pizza delivery guy? Here’s a less standard question: How much do you tip a pizza delivery guy if he climbs down an embankment and traverses a water-filled ditch to bring your pie to an Amtrak train stranded on the tracks in the middle of Delaware? That’s what one dedicated pizza delivery guy went through yesterday in his quest to bring a bunch of stranded travelers a hot meal.

Twitter user Mitch Katz grabbed about seven seconds of video of the delivery man, later identified as Jim Leary, as he worked his way alongside a stalled Amtrak train that had left passengers stuck in Delaware when it encountered mechanical issues traveling from New York to Washington DC. In all, the train was delayed over three hours – eventually arriving at its destination at 8:35pm – but supposedly it only took about an hour of sitting on the tracks before someone on board hunted down a local pizza shop that was willing to make the unusual delivery.

Answering the call was Dom’s Pizza in Newport – and though accepting such a bizarre request must have seemed like a risk at the time, the decision is now paying off with some amazing publicity. Who doesn’t want their pizza shop to show that level of commitment?! Owner Dominic Philingera said that the driver was a veteran of the pizza game, having delivered pies in 18 states, but this experience – where he had to sneak through a backyard, get down the embankment seen in the video and then cross that water-filled ditch – “was a first for him.”

As for the answer to the tip question, the Associated Press spoke with Leary who said he got $32 and a cheering crowd of passengers for delivering the two pizzas. “I do whatever it takes,” he was quoted as saying. Turns out the best life advice comes from pizza delivery guys in Delaware.