Nuni Toaster, Tortilla
Credit: © Nuni Toaster

Thanks to crowdfunding, we have entered a new golden age of hyper-specific, single-function appliances. It used to be that if you had an idea for something like, let’s say, a dedicated tortilla toaster, someone would be right there to tell you, “That sounds dumb,” and that would be that. But now, you can respond with, “We’ll see about that!” and take your idea to the Internet where the general public can vote on its silliness with their money.

Not to say that the Nuni Toaster, billed on Indiegogo as “the world’s first tortilla toaster” is silly, per se. There is something inherently appealing about toasting “up to 6 corn, wheat, or flour tortillas perfectly in less than 60 seconds.” It’s just that being the “world’s first” isn’t always a good thing. The tortilla has been around since 10,000 BC. Meanwhile, the electric bread toaster was in invented in 1893. Since I doubt much tortilla toasting technology has emerged in the past few century, we’re left with a pretty obvious reason no dedicated tortilla toaster has taken off in the past: The world probably doesn’t need one.

Alas, despite its promise of “revolutionizing the way we eat tortillas,” Nuni’s crowdfunding campaign has sputtered a bit out of the gate in its first couple weeks, only scrounging up about $6,000 – a far cry from its $100,000 goal. The good news is that if you are interested in the latest and greatest way to toast tortillas, you can still get in on the Nuni early bird pricing of $69.99 – a full $30 less than the suggested retail price. The bad news, of course, is, in the case you find yourself needing to toast seven tortillas at one time you’re out of luck.